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Do you suffer from itching, soreness and/ or redness of your genital skin?

Doctors and nurses within Wiltshire Sexual Health Service (WiSe) are trained to diagnose many skin conditions affecting the genital area and differentiate them from sexually transmitted infections.

As many genital skin conditions can come and go over months or years, we work in partnership with your GP to make sure you are prescribed the correct medications e.g. emollients (i.e. soap substitutes and moisturisers) and steroid ointments, and have any ongoing follow up that you require.

Whatever your condition, it is a good idea to avoid using any soaps or shower gels, even unperfumed products, as they can cause irritation and make your skin symptoms worse. Further advice, including examples of suitable emollient products that can be purchased from pharmacies or online without prescription is available here.

Depending on the nature of your skin condition, you may be advised to undergo a skin biopsy, a procedure where a small (4mm) area of skin is removed by a trained doctor or nurse specialist following application of local anaesthetic. A skin biopsy helps us to establish the likely cause of your problem and exclude more serious conditions e.g. those which might potentially develop into a skin cancer if left untreated.

Some genital skin conditions can be complex to manage and a multidisciplinary approach can be helpful. For this reason, we may ask your GP to refer you into the local Vulval Skin Clinic or to see a Dermatologist or Urologist.

Further information on a range of skin conditions can be obtained from:

The British Association of Dermatologists

The British Skin Foundation

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