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When someone takes an explicit (revealing) image of themselves and sends it onto friends or a boy/girlfriend via a mobile phone or another form of technology is referred to as ‘sexting’. This may seem fun and exciting but it comes with risks.

Once the images have been taken and sent to others, all control is lost by the person and the images can end up anywhere. Your partner that you trust now may become an ex and what might they do with the picture once you have split up? The image may be seen by friends, family members, a future employer and even in some cases in possession of an offender.

This puts the person who took the picture in a vulnerable position as someone they may or not know have the images and could use technology to bully, harass or even try to locate them.

THINK – if you wouldn’t print the images and pass them to friends and family members, they are NOT appropriate to share via a mobile phone, email or another technology.

Think U Know has a good page on sexting and it can be assessed here.

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